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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Visit to Scotland

I'm just on my way back from a flat hunting session in Edinburgh.

I was rung by a journalist late last night who asked if I was happy with the campaign the Party and I had run? Yes, given the limited money and media support we ran an awesome campaign. But you went backwards he said; yes, but the "punch and judy" show was all you (the media) were interested in, let's see how long til Boris cocks up, because he will - we all know it. He didn't argue.

I'm sorry we didn't get Jeremy Ambache in, and I'm more sorry we didn't get Geoff Pope back in, Geoff worked hard for the people of London and scored some good results against TfL.

On the night as the Agents were called into Committee Room 5 to have each set of results announced there appeared to be no Labour or Tory agents - were they getting their figures direct somewhere in the building? It was a tad strange.

London Elects on the whole were great throughout from way back last year to the day, my particular sincere thanks to Adam Leibowitz, Mat Bright, Keith Hathaway and John Bennett - thanks gents.

There were a few things on the day, but that's down to training by Council Returning Officers;

Presiding Officers writing voters electoral numbers onto their ballot papers, therefore invalidating their votes in Barnet, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich, Croydon and Lambeth.

We were told around 20 ballot papers in Lambeth had been spoilt, it in fact turned out to be around 500, this really isn't acceptable.

The winner on the day wasn't Boris in the end, it was apathy. Because over half of Londoners didn't bother to vote, and of the other half well, Boris didn't win the popular vote.

Compulsory voting - discuss?

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