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Monday, 12 May 2008

Teenage murders in London

This weekend saw a fatal stabbing of a teenager in South East London, the 13th young person this year to tragically lose their life in our capital.

Two more teenagers were stabbed in North London - they're in hospital.

What the hell is going wrong in our towns and cities when the majority of people are silent about these killings?

These young people should be excited about starting their adult lives, getting their first job, having the first pay packet NOT worrying about whether they might be dead by the end of the week.

Gordon Brown needs to take action, not sound bites, not a commission, not another person added to the safer neighbourhood team - that's all crap.

We MUST take these guns and knives off our streets, they aren't cool accessories they are murder weapons, they are used for killing not as a piece of jewellery!

I haven't heard any comment from the new mayor of London on this weekends stabbings - come on Boris Johnson, you reckoned you could deal with this problem well get on with it.

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