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Saturday, 13 March 2010

The East Lothian question - Should Anne Moffat stay?

2009 was a long year for crisis hit Anne Moffat, the Labour MP for East Lothian, where the Liberal Democrats are second and where Labour's Scottish leader, Iain Gray's Scottish Parliament's seat is.

Moffat's re-selection as the MP started back in 2008 and still the saga goes on and on and on.

In the latest twist Labour's ruling body, the NEC, will have the final say on Moffat's re-selection, but has now allowed a full meeting of the local party membership enabling members to vote on the issue in the next few days.

It appears that the NEC will announce Ane Moffat's de-selection if that is how the vote goes.

Over at the BBC:
A Labour spokeswoman said: "The NEC considered the request from the general committee to hold a special meeting to consider whether Anne Moffat should be the Labour candidate.

"Due to the nature of the circumstances, the NEC agreed with this request and so an all-member meeting will shortly be held to allow all members in East Lothian to attend and decide the best way forward."
Considering I have only been in Scotland since 31st May 2008, Anne Moffat has been involved in scandal after scandal with some very dubious questions left hanging over some incidents, to which the answers have never really appeared.

Her future as an MP is one very such question, will Anne Moffat's name be on the ballot paper come polling day?  If so, will it be on the ballot paper for voters in East Lothian?

Or will voters get the choice to vote for Anne Moffat the crisis hit MP seeking re-election or second placed Liberal Democrats candidate Stuart Ritchie?

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