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Friday, 12 March 2010

Now four more SNP MSPs pay tribute to Hugo Chavez

When I did the original blog post earlier this week, SNP and Labour MSPs pay tribute to Hugo Chavez!, I really did not think that even more MSPs would have signed the Motion tabled in the Scottish Parliament by SNP MSP, Jamie Hepburn.

As Lib Dem Hugh O'Donnell MSP said on my blog in a guest post;
"The indecent haste of some Members of the Scottish parliament to rush to the aid of the Chávez administration, by signing up to a sugary sweet motion in the name of Jamie Hepburn MSP reveals a naivety which beggars belief."
Well, sadly four more MSPs have also added their signature to this ridiculous motion, all from the SNP.  So that is now nine MSPs, eight from the SNP and one from Labour.

The four new signatories are Aileen Campbell, Joe Fitzpatrick, Sandra White and Gil Paterson.

I say the same to these four as I said to the original five, it is easy to praise from afar, but let us see what they say when they have been there, spent a year there, not in the luxury of the presidential palaces or the 40% of the country's residents who are 'looked after' but in the slums with the real people, where their choice of TV, if indeed they can even afford one will only be able to access channels approved by Hugo Chavez.

I am astounded at the sheer audacity of these MSPs and their obvious lack of care about human rights in countries such as Venezuela - is that what's on the cards for an SNP Scotland?

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