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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Nick Griffin claims BNP are more gay friendly but finds gays "creepy"

Over on Pink News, they are covering Iain Dale's interview with Nick Griffin for Total Politics (no it isn't an Iain Dale and Pink News love fest).

So, the new gay friendly BNP want to ban civil partnerships, only allow gay couples to adopt if the childrens homes are full and wants to ban the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

So, the BNP want to follow the Conservative lead and introduce it's own Section 28?

Nick Griffin said this of homosexuality itself;
"It's unfamiliar, it’s odd and I’m afraid it is creepy. Grown men kissing in public is creepy to most people. You don’t often see it but if you do see it, it’s not a matter of homophobia, it’s odd and you have to explain it to little kids and so on – that’s strange."

Everyone else manages to explain these things okay, you can just say they love each other, isn't that enough?
he said: "Marriage is only between a man and a women and ideally with kids."

He then went onto explain;
it was "better if two gay men are in a stable relationship rather than cottaging all over the place"

Oh Mr Griffin, if only.  Honestly, what a pathetic statement to make.
On gay adoption, he said that he would be "inclined to agree" with gay couples adopting, but only "if we reach the stage where there are so many children in children’s homes that you run out of would-be adopted ideal families".
So, that is Mr Griffin, leader of the right wing BNP party explaining how his party is gay friendly.

What a load of round shaped spheres, with brass tacks on.  Your party is as homophobic now as it ever has been.

1 comment:

Manfarang said...

As I said on Iain Dale's blog-the interview is a load of nonsense.

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