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Monday, 22 March 2010

Jack McConnell MSP applies for job with Cameron's Conservatives

The Sunday Herald has a great story today - "Former First Minister McConnell in secret job talks with the Tories".  Jack McConnell has met with William Hague to discuss a job.

We know that Jack McConnell has had a few false starts on the international stage with alleged promises of jobs such as the UK Government’s next High Commissioner to Malawi by Gordon Brown that were put on ice given the awful poll ratings suffered by Labour, halting any such promotions leading to a subsequent by-election, which Labour no doubt would have gone on to lose.
Mr McConnell met senior Tories, including shadow foreign secretary William Hague, where he was approached about taking an international post in a David Cameron administration.
This is a seriously damaging story, not only does it show that MConnell thinks Labour will lose the general election across the UK but it also shows that politics for him has become all about looking after number one.

What about the constituents of Motherwell and Wishaw, who must wonder what they have done given the former First Minister seems so keen on getting a new job as far away from them as possible.
The Tories would be willing to offer Mr McConnell a paid post in government, an outcome that would allow the Labour politician to stand down as an MSP in 2011.

Offering Mr McConnell an international role would also be seen by Mr Cameron as an example of “big tent” politics, where jobs are handed to high-profile figures aligned to other political parties.
I also think this shows the sheer arrogance of Cameron's Conservatives having discussions with politicians from other parties for jobs long before they have even won the general election, they are just taking voters for granted and thinking it is their right to form the next government.

Let's have polling day first and let the people decide what they want!

Oh, and maybe Jack McConnell could decide at the same time whether in fact he wants to be an MSP or even a Labour Party member at the same time?

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