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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Tories £5million donor to stand candidate against SNP MP Pete Wishart

Stuart Wheeler, who in 2001 gave £5million to the Conservative Party, and was subsequently thrown out for giving £100,000 to UKIP last year, will announce tomorrow in Westminster that he has set up a new political party that will stand just three candidates at the general election.
One in England, one in Scotland and one in Wales.

Stuart Wheeler, who will stand himself, is going to stand against Conservative MP, Greg Barker in Bexhill.

Greg Barker, the Conservative Shadow Climate Change Minister and close friend of David Cameron, was accused of pocketing £320,000 from buying and selling a flat he bought with the help of expenses.

He owned a home in Pimlico, near the Commons, for 27 months before selling it and moving back to his old address.

The new party's second candidate, accountant Douglas Taylor, will stand against SNP MP Pete Wishart in Perth.

Pete Wishart was asked to repay £1,632 in respect of a duplicate claim for flat rental and a utility bill after an investigation into his expenses.

Mr Wheeler hopes a third Trust Party candidate may stand in Wales.

Stuart Wheeler, who made a fortune from online gambling, says his new anti-expenses cheats party could field three candidates in the Election and has vowed that if elected, he will claim no expenses.

That is easy for a multi millionaire to say, obviously.

You can read the full story in the Mail on Sunday.

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Lynsey James March said...

This is great, and I hope that you raise all the money you need! And yes, that is very easy for a millionaire to say!

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