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Friday, 5 March 2010

SNP prove their irrelevant at Westminster

This week has seen a meeting of small Nationalist parties, where they have discussed joining together in Westminster to get a voice.

This just proves what the Liberal Democrats have been saying all along, the SNP are irrelevant at Westminster.

They are just too small with only seven MPs to make any difference.

The SNP are saying they have met Plaid Cymru and now want to meet the Democratic Unionist Party and the Social Democratic & Labour Party.

In other words a vote for the SNP is actually a vote for four parties and still it won't be heard in the corridors and Chambers in Westminster.

I'm not saying they are irrelevant in other elections, I fully accept they are the minority administration in Holyrood and that in 2011 they will want to create another list of promises to get elected and like now will just end up with a list of broken promises!

In 2007 they said anything and promised all sorts to get elected, then just let us down by breaking promise after promise.

People in Scotland are starting to realise as the teflon falls away that the SNP are still run, not led by Alex Salmond and its still the same ranting wee eck under all that gloss.

This General Election the fight in Scotland is between Labour and the Liberal Democrats, Cameron has his own 'one' show with David Mundell the single MP. Many people are still bitter about the damage that Margaret Thatcher and the Conservatives did in Scotland last time they were in power!

It is the Liberal Democrats offering real change at this election, Labour are offering the same as before and had 13 years to change things, the SNP are irrelevant at Westminster and with the one Conservative MP, well, are not going to change anything.

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Anonymous said...

Grammar? "SNP prove they're irrelevant at Westminster"?

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