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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe - "I'll be voting Lib Dem"

It is fantastic that Daniel Radcliffe is taking politics so seriously given this is the first general election he will have been able to vote in - it is obviously even better that he is going to be voting Liberal Democrat.

In today's Daily Mail, or should that be the Daily Prophet, although the Prophet is a good paper by all accounts, they are running the story "Harry lends his magic to Lib Dem's campaign" this follows the news last year in the interview with Daniel Radcliffe in Attitude magazine.

Daniel Radcliffe AKA Harry Potter said;
‘I’ll be voting Lib Dem, without a shadow of a doubt’
Daniel has also agreed to spend more time in the UK to encourage youngsters into voting for the Lib Dems.

So, the if Liberal Democrats are Gryffindor, who is Slytherin? Labour, Conservatives or the SNP?

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