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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Derek Brownlee MSP fails to become Conservative candidate for Dumfries

The Conservative MSP for the South of Scotland, Derek Brownlee had recently thrown his hat in the ring to become the Conservative Party candidate for the Holyrood seat of Dumfries, currently held by Elaine Murray MSP of the Labour Party.

This seat at the next election will be a top target for the Conservatives so selecting the right candidate is key.

Unfortunately news reaches my little blog that last Monday the count took place to select the next Conservative candidate for the 2011 election, but Derek Brownlee didn't win.

Although Derek Brownlee was not the local party's first choice, he lost out by just one vote it appears to local Councillor Gillian Dykes.

This must have been a major blow for Derek Brownlee, but at least he can continue as the South of Scotland MSP for the Conservatives.

Will the Conservatives put pressure on Councillor Dykes to move aside or will they just accept the decision and move on?

Derek Brownlee isn't the only person unhappy with the selection of Gillian Dykes, her fellow ward Councillor, Labour Councillor Dempster said the party must be “desperate when they select someone directly responsible for cutting teachers and public transport”.

From today's Dumfries & Galloway Standard;
In a statement sent out by the Labour Party, Mr Dempster said: “Only last week she tried and failed to cut even more. This ‘Cuts Councillor’ has launched the largest assault on education our region has ever seen but wants to cut even deeper.

“She is part of the administration that wanted to close ARCs and had to be shamed into dropping the proposal by the scale of outrage they caused.

“She introduced a hurtful disabled tax that is now being investigated by the Equalities Commission for breaking the law.”

The rant continued: “I am shocked that someone who has been so focused on attacking the vulnerable and elderly thinks they could represent us in Parliament.

“People in Nithsdale don’t want an MSP whose priority is to sack teachers, cut classroom assistants and increase charges for our pensioners.”
 So, it's gloves off in Dumfries, or Dumfriesshire as the seat will be known at the election on 5th May 2011.

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