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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Government Ministers resign over taxpayer funded travel

Ten out of ten to President Sarkozy for clamping down on lavish spending by his Ministers as the public face cuts in the public sector.
Two French ministers have resigned after rows over spending thousands of euros of taxpayers' money on a private jet and cigars at a time when budget cuts are hitting the public.
Development Minister Alain Joyandet and Christian Blanc, a junior minister tasked with overseeing development have both resigned.

Alain Joyandet caused outrage after spending £96,000 on a private jet to take him to Martinique for a conference.

Christian Blanc came under fire last month after it emerged he spent £9,759 of taxpayers' money on Havana cigars. He was ordered to pay the money back.

Read the full story in the Daily Telegraph.

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