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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ed Balls MP - "I’ve never been a front runner in this campaign" and "I am behind" but in it to win

Ed Balls MP has chosen to decisively stamp out the stories of last night when it was reported he was considering quitting the Labour leadership race.

Speculation about his leadership bid came last night after he failed to win the backing of the Unite union, which gave its endorsement to Ed Miliband.
Despite admitting on his campaign blog that;
"I’ve never been a front runner in this campaign, I did not have the early organisation of some other candidates and I am behind on formal CLP and union endorsements."
Ed Balls is adamant he is carrying on to the bitter end.

"I joined this contest because I believed this was a fight worth fighting for the future of our party and our country. I still do."
So, the Labour leadership race had a little hiccup last night, there was for a brief moment a bit of excitement to perhaps engage people that weren't expecting a Miliband moment and weren't bored of what appears to be a very dull campaign.

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Bermondsey mum said...

And look who was the only one of the leadership contenders to take part on last night's 'Five day that changed Britain' programme...Gordon Brown's refusal to participate is not surprising perhaps but where was Ed Miliband ? Keeping his powder dry methinks whilst Ed B (as if any further proof were needed) all but conceded defeat by his appearance. That and set the tone for what will be one (very vociferous) element of Labour opposition to the Coalition and in particular, the Lib Dems. Mandy, a far smoother operator, was careful not to appear critical of the Lib Dems per se...

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