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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Scotrail Fail

I'm off to Dunfermline Town this morning so duly checked the timetable last night.

According to Scotrail's website, the train to Dunfermline Town leaves Edinburgh Waverley at 08.47am.

On arrival at Waverley this morning I noticesd that the 08.47am does not exist and in fact it leaves 08.46am.

Now I know its only a one minute difference but its the principle.

An online timetable of a rail company should be 100% correct!

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Despairing said...

Ok, here's the boring technical explanation.

There are actually two different timetables which all trains run to.

The first is the Passenger Timetable. That's the one the public sees, and where the 0846 comes from.

The second is the Working Timetable. This details the times that trains can actually work to and isn't for public eyes. It's most probably where the 0847 time came from - the "slot" that the Dunfermline train has to get out of Waverley runs 0846-0847.

It would appear that someone has screwed up and put the Working Timetable departure time on the website instead of the Passenger Timetable.

If you ever get a peek at the list that the driver and the guard get detailing stations, junctions and passing points on their route, the two timetables for that train are printed side-by-side and can vary be a good few minutes, particularly with arrival times at destinations - trains are usually given longer to get to their destination on the passenger timetable than on the working timetable so that they magically run "on time".

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