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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Is Alyn Smith fed up being an MEP?

It appears that just a year into the new term of the European Parliament, the SNP's Alyn Smith MEP is already bored and getting itchy feet.

News filters though to me from Strasbourg that Alyn Smith MEP will be seeking the nomination to stand as an MSP in next years Holyrood elections.

Not a great shock although this is yet another SNP politician who clearly doesn't get the whole issue of dual mandates and why they are a bad thing.

However, Alyn is possibly looking to stand for the SNP in East Lothian against Labour's leader Iain Gray.

For now Alyn is "playing it by ear".


Anonymous said...

Why do you assume he would have a dual mandate?

Anonymous said...

No great surprise, he has had itchy feet since he got there.

Would not have to be dual mandate either (not sure it could be anymore) - he could just let the next on the Euro-list take his place, herself currently working for Mike Russell at Holyrood.

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