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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lothian Buses must take responsibility for their own actions

Wow, god I'm angry.

I'm interviewing in Edinburgh West today for a new member of staff, had caught the number 10 in time from home but little did I know the horrors that were awaiting me in town.

We came through St. Andrew's Square but instead of turning right into Princes Street we turned left because the driver had forgotten that Princes Street was shut so buses were diverted down George Street.

We did a big loop and then turned right into George Street, so off I got.

I spotted two "supervisors" and asked where I could catch the 26 from and why hadn't the diversions been advertised more widely?

One supervisor, the pleasant and professional one said "it had been advertised in the Edinburgh Evening News".

I then asked why the bus stops hadn't been marked yesterday morning (none of the ones I had used had been) and the second supervisor said "its all TIEs fault, they are cleaning the tracks".

I replied that its easy to blame TIE but as far as I'm aware the operation of Lothian Buses is down to Lothian Buses?

He then said "But TIE closed the road".

I'm sorry this is pathetic and I will follow this up because he is out of order just to blame another organisation when clearly the providing of information for bus diversions has to and does remain the responsibility of Lothian Buses.

A big fail today for Lothian Buses and their man of misinformation.

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Nikki Thomson said...

Lothian Buses had also put a notification on their own website because that's how I found out about it.

However, I agree, some notices on bus stops and in the buses themselves ahead of this weekend wouldn't have gone amiss.

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