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Saturday, 31 July 2010

National Orgasm Day

Now, I know this post has been awaited with anticipation today, and I hope as you have been building up to reading it that you will positively shudder with excitement once you have read it through.

Please ensure you have tissues handy, just in case.

I was made aware of National Orgasm Day by my friend Caron Lindsay, while out for dinner on Wednesday to celebrate her birthday, which is in fact today, which Caron shares with National Orgasm Day.

So, today is National Orgasm Day, now some of you might be thinking this is just a bit daft, why are we limited to just one orgasm per year?

Surely, every day is orgasm day?

Dr Petra Boynton - a sex educator, agony aunt and academic writes:

Well, National Orgasm Day isn’t really a day where everyone in the UK will suddenly combust. Somewhat predictably it’s based on a commercial event where a sex store wanted some publicity a few years back.
Since then it’s been hijacked by just about anyone with a sex-related product to sell. And this year is no exception with a festival of product placement and bad sex science pinned around July 31.

The Orgasm Survey has been completed by nearly 5000 women who have shared their most intimate secrets and you can read the findings here.
It appears Dr Petra Boynton is spot on, National Orgasm Day has become a sales day for companies selling items to help people, mainly women achieve an orgasm.
So, despite the hype and potential, another one of our special days has given way to capitalism instead of sheer enjoyment.
Have a very happy National Orgasm Day.

1 comment:

Caron said...

I missed this on the day as I was up north away from the Internet! I didn't realise you had actually done it! I shudder to think of what google searches might reach this page!

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