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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The other 49 Labour MPs who want to be in the Shadow Cabinet

Here is the full list of the 49 Labour MPs who want to be in the shadow cabinet. Labour's MPs will vote to elect 19 of them, and then, the new leader Ed Miliband will choose the jobs they get.

Some of them I have never heard of and then there are some of the old school such as Alan Johnson, who I thought was taking a back seat.

There is in fact 50, but Harriet Harman is automatically on the list so, don't panic.

1. Diane Abbott
2. Douglas Alexander
3. Ed Balls
4. Hilary Benn
5. Roberta Blackman-Woods
6. Ben Bradshaw
7. Kevin Brennan
8. Chris Bryant
9. Andy Burnham
10. Liam Byrne
11. Vernon Coaker
12. Yvette Cooper
13. Mary Creagh
14. Wayne David
15. John Denham
16. Angela Eagle
17. Maria Eagle
18. Rob Flello
19. Caroline Flint
20. Mike Gapes
21. Barry Gardiner
22. Helen Goodman
23. Peter Hain
24. David Hanson
25. Tom Harris
26. John Healey
27. Meg Hillier
28. Huw Irranca-Davies
29. Kevan Jones
30. Alan Johnson
31. Tessa Jowell
32. Eric Joyce
33. Barbara Keeley
34. Sadiq Khan
35. David Lammy
36. Chris Leslie
37. Ivan Lewis
38. Ian Lucas
39. Fiona Mactaggart
40. Pat McFadden
41. Ann McKechin
42. Alun Michael
43. Jim Murphy
44. Gareth Thomas
45. Emily Thornberry
46. Stephen Timms
47. Stephen Twigg
48. Shaun Woodward
49. Iain Wright

Well, only 19 of these will get a job in the Shadow Cabinet, 30 will be unhappy.  Let's see how far Ed Miliband goes introducing the new generation, I'm certainly not holding my breath.

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Foregone Conclusion said...

If this is done by STV, I pity both the electorate and the returning officer!

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