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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Conservative candidate Gill Dykes claims she is an MSP, but she isn't

Next May, voters across Scotland will be heading to the polls to elect their constituency and regional MSPs.

The Conservatives, like all other parties are already campaigning, but one of their candidates is already claiming she is the MSP, seven months before a vote has actually been cast.

Perhaps she is a medium, or has at least consulted Mystic Meg or the like?

Gill Dykes has sent out a campaign postcard to residents ahead of next May’s polling day which is headed: “Gill Dykes MSP for Dumfriesshire.”

However, Gill Dykes is not an MSP, for Dumfriesshire or anywhere else for that matter!

The current MSP, Labour's Elaine Murray has reacted angrily to the leaflet.

She told the Dumfries and Galloway Standard:
“It is very concerning that another candidate is trying to pass herself off as the MSP. It shows extraordinary arrogance.”
The other side of the campaign postcard features a photograph of her and the words “Gill Dykes for MSP” – a statement Gill Dykes insists proves the postcard is not misleading.

She said:
“You have only looked at one side of the postcard, when you look at both sides it shows that I am the candidate.”
Gill Dykes has denied that the statement on the other side was misleading.

What a lot of pish, everyone knows any leaflet through your letterbox has 10 seconds before it hits the recycling box, so for Gill Dykes to say she thinks overall with people reading both sides of the postcard it isn't misleading, is quite frankly nonsense at best.

Let's hope it is a genuine mistake and not an attempt to mislead the public?

Mrs Dykes is currently a Conservative councillor for Mid and Upper Nithsdale and is also a parliamentary assistant to Galloway and Upper Nithsdale MSP and presiding officer Alex Fergusson.

Elaine Murray MSP added:
“People expect honesty from politicians and it is highly unfortunate that the Conservative candidate appears to be trying to mislead the public.

“I understand that this has been reported to the Electoral Commission and I think it is important it is investigated.”
This is a highly embarrassing mistake for the Scottish Conservatives and especially for Gill Dykes.  And given Gill Dykes beat Derek Brownlee by just one vote to get the nomination, mistakes like this will not be tolerated within the Conservative Party either.

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Andrew Tibbs said...

And if she wins, there'll be a good case for her opponents to take her to an electoral court!

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