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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Public meeting on fairer votes for Edinburgh North and Leith voters

I'm working from home today putting together a training session for the Liberal Democrats conference in Liverpool, the first one since we formed a coalition government.

An email from my Labour MP, Mark Lazarowicz pops into my inbox.
"As you may know, the new Coalition government has made a wide range of proposals for constitutional change. The first of these is the proposal for a referendum on a new voting system (‘the alternative vote’), as well as reductions in the number of MPs and reorganising constituency boundaries for the election of MPs. There was a debate on these proposals on Monday. Next week Parliament will be discussing the plans for ‘Fixed Term Parliaments’, and there are likely to be a lot more debates over the next couple of months."

Mark wants to discuss the fairer votes issue with voters, so is holding a public meeting, and I welcome this initiative, as long as Mark encourages debate and listens, not tell us what he will do irrespective of the views of those at the meeting.

The fairer votes public meeting will take place on Wednesday 22 September at 6.30 pm, in Stockbridge Library.

To book a place, please email

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