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Friday, 17 September 2010

Clinton Cards answer back

Following my second blog post about Clinton Cards I received a strange, badly written and spelt tweet from someone claiming to be the Marketing Director of Clintons.

We then made contact, after a round or two of answerphone message table tennis.

It appears, allegedly, that my first message to Clinton Cards (first blog post) via their online contact system didn't arrive!

I say allegedly because I could see via Site Meter that the Clinton Cards website/IP address was used to read the first blog post.

Therefore, even if as they claim they didn't receive the message, why did their PR team not act on the blog post once they had read it?

I'm pleased that Brett Smith, the Marketing Director made contact and at least listened to my concerns, however I'm not entirely sure they will be acted on or developed.

Brett Smith stated it's a demand led market, to which I said its a chicken and egg situation though, no one will buy a product if you don't sell it!

I went on to explain that I'm not convinced that if I asked a member of Clinton Cards staff for their Civil Partnership range of products when they were out of stock, they would alert their store manager and then head office - to which he agreed.

So I asked how do we resolve that?

Brett explained they have a new exciting range coming out before Christmas, in what he claims is their wedding season.

In other words, we will take the money anyway.

I also asked about the Mr and Mrs branding, I didn't get an answer on that one.

So, all in all, I still remain unimpressed.

I think Clinton Cards don't understand the LGBT market, or community. I don't thing they see it as potentially lucrative otherwise they would invest more and not be so stereotypical in their wedding branding.

I give Clinton Cards 5/10 for belatedly replying, I give Brett Smith 10/10 for responding.

Overall Clinton Cards, 3/10, must do much better if they want to succeed in their LGBT goals and their website needs the overhaul it is apparently about to receive.


Norfolk Blogger said...

I'll repeat my comments from your previous postings on thsi subject. go to as they have a great range of civil partnerhsip cards. It is hard for a "physical" store like Clintons to mathc the "Virtual" stoes like Moonpig.

Anonymous said...

I am just airing a grievance about Clinton cards.I visited the shop in Fishergate PRESTON on Mon 8th Nov 2010.Bought a card which was advertised at £2.85 paid at the till then told it was £2.99 I queried the amount and was told head office had told them that MORNING to increase all their prices.The time by then was 4.00pm.Making a 5% increase on EXISTING STOCK I thought was unfair.Considering christmas is not far off and we are all supposed to be tightening our belts Clintons are going to make a BIG PROFIT in all there stores AT THE CUSTOMERS EXPENCE.So much for the season of goodwill. Needless to say I will not be shopping at Clintons again and would tell friends and family to go to the CARD SHOP much better prices and frindlier staff.

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