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Thursday, 2 September 2010

No reply from Conservative Council leader Kay Cutts over her snub of gay activist

On the 5th August I blogged about the leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Councillor Kay Cutts snubbing Ian Campbell who was to be presented with a youth citizenship award for his work promoting gay rights and fighting bullying and anti homophobia in schools.

You can read the original post HERE.

As I wrote at the time Ian is the youngest Mayor in the UK, aged just 23.

You will see from the original post that Councillor Cutts spokesperson claimed that she didn't have her photo taken with Ian Campbell because he was a Labour activist, nothing to do with him being gay.

Ian wasn't at the awards as a Labour activist, he was there for his work on LGBT rights and homophobic bullying.

Well I then emailed Councillor Kay Cutts on the 5th August and have yet to receive any acknowledgement or reply, I will be emailing again today and will continue to do so until I receive a reply.

I also wonder if Ian Campbell ever got an apology from Councillor Cutts - I suspect not.

Prime Minister David Cameron ordered an investigation into Councillor Cutts conduct and it was referred to party chairman Baroness Warsi, I wonder what conclusion she came to?

The reason I am pursuing this issue is this, there are not enough people in this country who take LGBT rights seriously or who for various reasons will put their heads up above the parapet and defend their sexuality.
Ian Campbell did just that at a young age, after coming out he was thrown out of his home but still that has not deterred him and he has campaigned in schools about homophobic bullying.
That deserves support!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it will cost Cllr Campbell his job;

Stewart Cowan said...

Why do you think you can *make* everyone support LGBT issues when millions of people find it an abomination?

And homophobic bullying is just an excuse to further the agenda by brainwashing teachers.

The backlash which is coming will be of your own making.

Stewart Cowan said...

Isn't it strange how homosexual blogs don't like alternative viewpoints?

They just want to speak, not listen.

Andrew Reeves said...

Stewart - I'm not sure what your second comment is about in any way.

The first is slightly misguided, I don't want everyone to support LGBT issues, I just want to be able to live my life without being judged the same way you do.

On homophobic bullying, any bullying is wrong, I suffered when growing up and it isn't pleasant, I have no idea whether it was homophobic, but you say it is brainwashing teachers, sorry, that's just crap.

Stewart Cowan said...

Sorry about the second comment, Andrew. When you hadn't published my initial comment (but put up a new post) I assumed you were one of those who resists opposing views.

"The first is slightly misguided, I don't want everyone to support LGBT issues.."

Yes you do - just read your post about Clinton Cards. You clearly believe private businesses should support your weird ceremonies.

Yes it is brainwashing teachers. They should be eradicating all bullying. Stonewall want children to be 'educated' that homosexuality is normal and acceptable.

Andrew Reeves said...

You don't read my blog that often, I have many comments that I really don't agree with, but I do welcome the debate.

I just don't always approve there and then, depends on what I'm, doing and where I am.

How on earth is a civil partnership weird?

I am in favour of civil partnerships for everyone, irrespective of their sexual orientation, aren't you?

Glad we agree on all bullying should be eradicated.

I disagree with Stonewall, I don't want primary school children educated about homosexuality, but I do want children at secondary school to be able to know where to go and talk about it.

Whether a child is going through a phase or is gay they need an outlet to discuss it.

Homosexuality is normal and acceptable and we will never agree on that one.

Stewart Cowan said...

No, I've just found your blog on the Scotland Top 50. Thought I should get around the ScotBlogs more often.

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