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Friday, 10 September 2010

Chris Bryant MP tells Sky's Kay Burley she's a bit dim

As everyone knows, I am no fan of Labour or the Labour Party, however I do have time for Chris Bryant MP - yes, he is in my opinion the best looking MP in the Commons.

To add balance, I have no time whatsoever for Kay Burley, she does not get the situations she is placed in by her employers.

I have blogged before about Kay Burley's unprofessional attitude - Sky News Kay Burley - reporter, presenter, journalist or bully? - do go and have a read and then watch the video.

Now you have done that you can watch this one, where Kay Burley is interviewing (badly) Chris Bryant MP and see Chris attack Kay even calling her a bit dim.

Kay Burley is clearly out of her depth, yet again.  When will Sky act?

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