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Saturday, 4 September 2010

No word from Clinton Cards on whether they are homophobic or just plain lazy?

Last Sunday I wrote Clinton Cards - homophobic or just plain lazy? and had also contacted them, their auto response email stated my email would be responded to within 48 hours.

Almost a week later, my email still remains unanswered.  I know they have read the blog post as well.

I have emailed them again today using the contact form HERE.

I am somewhat disappointed (although not shocked) that I have received no reply but maybe I have discovered Clinton Cards flaw, they haven't worked out how to deal with civil partnerships, or worse the Board of Clinton Cards is homophobic, I do hope it is not the latter?

So, my message to Don Lewin, Clinton Lewin, Barry Hartog, Stuart Houlston, Debbie Darlington, John Robinson and Paul Salador is this - at least have the balls and decency to reply to my email, if your marketing team doesn't know how to deal with this change in the "wedding" market then ask the gay community for help and advice.

Continued silence will not help you - I will pursue this.


Stewart Cowan said...

If you don't like Clinton's range, then shop somewhere else. Mmm?

As Wrinkled Weasel said on your previous post on the subject:

"Insisting that everything in the world pays homage to your sexual preference, and in particular, cheesy wedding stationery, is one of the crassest things I have read. Of course, you are a Lib-Dem, which kind of explains it, though, don't misunderstand, some of my best friends are Lib-Dem.

Apart from that, enjoyed the blog."

Andrew Reeves said...

The world pays homage to your sexual preference so why should mine be excluded?

Stewart Cowan said...

Because, Andrew, heterosexuality is normal and natural. It is the reason we are both here.

Should Clinton's produce a whole range of cards celebrating sin?

"Congratulations on your Civil Partnership"

"Congrats for finally getting it on with your secretary. Hope the wife doesn't find out."

"You've married your sister. Hope you'll be very happy together and that your children won't be too deformed."

"Your first date rape. Here's to many more."

Clinton's are missing out on quite a few markets when you think about it.

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