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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ASDA and Kenco in marketing catastrophe

Recently ASDA were advertising Kenco coffee on their bags for life, specifically highlighting the Kenco coffee eco refill bags, supposedly saving the environment.

When ASDA have these Kenco eco refill bags in stock they work out more expensive to purchase than the jar next to it, that doesn't make sense!

Yes, seriously.  The prices were a jar with 300g of coffee for £3 or a 150g eco refill bag for £2.50.

However, during the promotion period my local ASDA at Leith, Edinburgh never had the shelf space for more than 3 of the eco refill bags so there were never any on the shelf which begs the question, was the advertising campaign really honest?

Certainly in my eyes the campaign was a major flop.

ASDA at Leith needs to sort itself out and get the right stock on it's shelves, on too many days there are empty shelves around the store. With a new Tesco on Duke Street and Morrison's only a bus ride away ASDA needs to stop complacency setting in.

Kenco needs to evaluate the pricing (as does ASDA) of a jar of coffee versus the eco refill bag, shoppers are watching the pennies even more currently so won't be impressed with these promotion shams.


oneexwidow said...

I managed to get some on offer at my local store a while back, where they had the product on a specific display stand.

I'm not entirely sure how "eco" it is. Although glass production is energy intensive and the weight increases distribution costs and the carbon footprint at least it is widely recyclable or reusable in other ways... The same cannot be said for the platic pouches!

Hewl said...

Things are mass produced because those embedded systems save money, driving down costs to the buyer. Ecological production is smaller scale & less efficient, these lack of savings are reflected by the buyer having to pay closer to the real cost of production.
Can't have your coffee cake and eat it I'm afraid.

NoOffenceAlan said...

My issue with refills in general is that if you refill the original jar, you lose track of the 'use by' date. That's not an issue with the rate we consume coffee in our house, but I was recently stopped just in time from throwing out a load of spice jars, apparently well past their dates, when I was told "no, it's OK - they've been refilled".

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