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Saturday, 16 October 2010

SNP drop prescription charges when NHS is laying off nurses

I don't understand the SNP.

Why cancel prescription charges for everyone when we are in the middle of a major recession?

The SNP's, Nicola Sturgeon announced to the SNP conference in Perth that the sick should not have to pay for "Labour's economic mess".

Erm, sorry Nicola but your own SNP run Scotland's NHS, not Labour and it is you as Health Minister who is taking the money away from frontline NHS services and in return giving everyone in Scotland free prescriptions.

What a backwards way of prioritising funding.

I am able to afford a prescription should I need one, as can many people across Scotland so surely, instead of offering what is just a basic election grabbing headline shouldn't the SNP be more government like and do this in a more systematic way?

Universal benefits are not a forward way of running the country's finances.
Over on Caron's Musings she said;
This reminds me of research done by the Scottish Liberal Democrats last year which shows that over the whole of their four year term, the SNP will have given 133 times more every year to a household on £100,000 than they have to households on £15,000. That doesn't seem very fair to me.
At that point last year, Tavish Scott said;
Over four years, the SNP will have spent £950m on a set of distorted priorities and hand-outs that give more to the rich than to the poor.

“If you have two children and earn £100,000 then you will have gained £802 per year from the SNP.

“But if you have two children and you earn £15,000 then you will have gained just six pounds and seven pence.

“So that’s enough champagne and lobster every night for the rich, but a fish supper for the poor.

“So I mean it when I say that, in Scotland, the only party at the General Election for a fairer society will be the Liberal Democrats.”
Caron is spot on, the SNP are in denial, first they offer us a council tax freeze, ensuring Councils will cut frontline services and now Nicola Sturgeon is guaranteeing more cuts in Scotland's NHS by giving universal free prescriptions to everyone in Scotland.

I am all for helping those on low incomes and those who need prescription drugs constantly, but I and anyone on salaries over £35,000 can all afford a prescription charge if it is required.
This is just another example of the SNP putting even more money into the pockets of the richest people in Scotland and not governing responsibly - next May it is time for change and only the Scottish Liberal Democrats led by Tavish Scott are offering a programme for a fair and prosperous Scotland.

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Richard T said...

The answer to your second para is as is eerything with the SNP - low politics masquerading as high principles. Look at their use of the RET for the ferries to the Western Isles with the trial extended by a year over the period of the election when they tried to cut a milion pounds from the costs of ferries to the Northern Isles. Then read the justification for the difference.

It would be serious if it wasn't so transparently log rolling for their vote.

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