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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Friday at the gym - Run Day -2

Yesterday morning at 9.30am I had my last session with my personal trainer, Richard Kerrigan at my local David Lloyd gym (Newhaven).

Various evil exercises set by Richard, including one where I take on the Superman pose, or as Richard put it a ballerina - sometimes a PT is there to be hated :-)

Certainly yesterday was easier than Tuesday's session, but yes, I do ache a little today.

Yesterday was based on my core and cardio, with some weights thrown in for good measure.

Although with my left shoulder is not as strong as my right so some of the heavier weights I struggle with.

My favourite yesterday, if I really had to pick one,was sitting on the half exercise ball, holding a medicine ball and doing crunches, bizarrely I can feel a six pack, it is just I have a serious investment of blubber around it.

Anyway, as tomorrow is the run, Richard also spent time on some sensible warm up exercises for tomorrow plus diet recommendation.

Today, I will be going to the gym for my stretches, 4k bike ride and then a swim.

Next time I am at the gym, I promise a photo or two.

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Anonymous said...

we want more pics of Richard please...

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