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Sunday, 3 October 2010

My little blog gets a mention on The Guardian website

My little blog continues to go from strength to strength and this week another first was achieved.

On October 1st my blog was mentioned on the Society Daily section, written by Patrick Butler.

On my radar ...

• Nadine Dorries MP. I thought at first her blog attack on "benefit scroungers" who Tweet was a hilarious spoof. But apparently not. Much Tweet anger followed yesterday, and some good blog ripostes, such as these by blogger Mind in Flux, Ms Humphrey Cushion and Liberal Democrat activist Andrew Reeves. Reeves writes:

"Oh my god, it is stupid ridiculous comments like ...[Dorries'] that remind me despite being in coalition, our two parties are so far apart."

And here's Rich Watts' pithy Tweet:

"I don't know which is funnier: a) Nadine Dorries's indignation, or b) Nadine Dorries's obvious ignorance and stupidity."

Dorries has kept digging though. You can read the latest instalment of her War on "the left wing Twitterati" and the Workshy here.
So my thanks to Patrick Butler but I really should thank Nadine Dorries MP whom without the blog post - Conservative MP Nadine Dorries loses the plot - would never have been written.

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