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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Labour and the Unions are hypocrites on the cuts within the CSR

Yesterday morning I had been at the Scottish Liberal Democrats HQ attending a meeting.  Afterwards I headed down Princes Street and was passing when some of the speeches to the massed protesters (not 20,000 at this point, nearer 2,000) were taking place.

I have never heard so many hypocrites, one after another.  All the union spokespeople were complaining bitterly that their members will be affected in one way or another by the outcomes of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

I am all for the unions standing up for their members rights.

What galls me is the sheer hypocrisy of it though.  None of these unions were lambasting Labour in the last thirteen years for spending money like it was going out of fashion, were they?

Not one union leader has complained about Labour plunging the UK into debt over recent years?

How come all of the union leaders and members are happy that the UK is spending £120 million, per day just on the interest on the amount the previous Labour government borrowed?

Sorry guys, but you laughed at Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats when they pointed out to you that Labour's borrowing was getting out of hand.

Now you sit back and have jumped on the bandwagon to complain about the cuts, yet you remain completely silent about the positive aspects of the CSR.

I am sorry but the Labour politicians and union leaders are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites.

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