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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Scottish Conservative candidate Colin McGavigan describes carers as "the great unwashed"

The Scottish Conservatives are not having a great week, on Tuesday one of their candidates called Scots thick and then he resigned.

I blogged about this yesterday morning Conservative candidate Ivor Tiefenbrun describes Scots as "so thick" and his subsequent resignation yesterday evening Conservative candidate Ivor Tiefenbrun resigns over insult to Scots.

Then this morning we woke up to hear that the Scottish Conservative candidate for Clydesdale, Colin McGavigan had tweeted:
"kids in care: why do the carers look like the great unwashed? They're supposed to be carers not warders."

These comments by Colin McGavigan were made in response to a BBC documentary broadcast on Tuesday night, focusing on children in care.  You can read the full story in The Scotsman.

Mr McGavigan was yesterday forced to express his "utmost respect" for carers in a statement issued by his party.

However, the Scottish Tories are set to allow him to continue as the party's Clydesdale candidate at next year's election on the grounds that they believe he has no case to answer.

I think this case should highlight to all of us in the public eye, whether it be a candidate or support staff such as myself, our tweets are followed by journalists waiting for this catastrophic mistakes.
I disagree with the Conservatives though, how on earth can they say there is no case to answer?  Yet again this shows one of their candidates as out of touch. 
How on earth can the voters respect someone who can cast aspersions such as this in a public forum?
Sorry Annabel, I really think another one bites the dust!


Anonymous said...

Scottish Tory hierarchy really does need to change. They keep selecting complete idiots. Their Director is top of the flops and needs to be fired. On the other hand whilst this set of muppets are in charge the Scottish Tories are an old tired and our of touch party.

Foregone Conclusion said...

I suspect that very soon, Tories will end up treating Scots like other people who live in areas where they are dramatically unsuccessful - they will end up really stereotyping and sniping at them. I see that from what happens in Liverpool, where they are practically non-existant, and how outsiders talk about Scousers in terms they would never use about any other group of people (whiners, scroungers, criminals, common etc). In their mind, it's not the Tories' fault that they don't appeal to these groups - the mountain should come to Mohammed, dammnit, and if it doesn't, well the mountain isn't worth it really! We're already beginning to see a kind of stereotyping of working-class Scots, and in fact all Scots, even by Scottish Tories! Soon, a whole country may well be declared unworthy of the great and glorious Conservative Party...

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