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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Edinburgh Capitals vs Sheffield Steelers at Murrayfield Ice Rink

Yesterday was the first of two games of ice hockey to take place this weekend at the Murrayfield Ice Rink in Edinburgh, the home rink to the Edinburgh Capitals.

It was a fantastic end to end game and given the difference in league placings the Edinburgh Capitals held on extremely well until the final whistle.

There was then the obligatory 5 minutes of extra time, where once again the Edinburgh Capitals held their own.

The Sheffield Steelers finally won in the shoot out and the game finished Sheffield Steelers 4 - Edinburgh Capitals 3.

The two teams face each other once again this evening at Murrayfield ice rink, with face off at 6pm both teams are on twitter - Edinburgh Capitals and Sheffield Steelers.

My usual seat had been pinched by a group of Steelers fans, but I did get chatting to some of them and their story is a real embarrassment especially for the Edinburgh Tourist Information Service.

They arrived into Edinburgh yesterday lunchtime and after spending some time sightseeing and shopping they went to the Tourist Information Office to enquire where the ice hockey stadium was and were told there wasn't one in Edinburgh!

The Sheffield fans then asked about the ice hockey team and were told Edinburgh didn't have an ice hockey team!

Come on Edinburgh Tourist Information Office - get with the programme.

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