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Friday, 30 November 2007

My chelsea tree

My desktop Chelsea Christmas tree arrived this morning, with tinsel and baubles - Shaun and I are determined that the 3rd floor Campaigns Department will be awash with Christmas decorations, we have set the Candidates Department a challenge to see whose office is most xmassy, but being a little grinchy they aren't really up for it.

Am off to Birmingham later as I am training candidates tomorrow, and trains don't run at the right times to get me there so need to stay up tonight, not ideal but its only one night.

Labour's problems roll on, its not just Harriet now the BBC are reporting are Peter Hain is involved

Chris Huhne MP has been asking for the Metropolitan Police to investigate the Labour Party and these donations, Chris, success, they now are according to the BBC this is Sir Ian Blairs response to Chris' letter

And we hope to go to see Aaron soon, we have bought sooooo many bits for him now its unreal, but hey, why not, its not often you get two gay uncles!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Labour funding

Well, Ms Harman has got herself in a little pickle according to reports on the BBC, she has accepted a £5,000 donation from Janet Kidd. Labours General Secretary resigns, Gordon won't give his full backing to Harriet, although is confident. A great piece in the Telegraph today, including the questions from the PMs briefing

Given my limited knowledge of Election Law, I am fully aware that those donations were quite oviously illegal, so why did Labour think otherwise?

The Electoral Commission is investigating whether the activity breaches election law. Criminal prosecutions have not been ruled out.

Anyway, onto positive campaigning, the Lib Dem Group on the Greater London Assembly have launched a petition. We think passengers should not pay the penalty for the Labour Government’s and the Mayor of London’s tube refurbishment disaster. Metronet, the company who were refurbishing most of London's Underground Network under Gordon Brown’s Public Private Partnership (PPP), has gone bust. Transport for London is having to pour in hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to enable urgent work on the tube to continue.

Go on, sign it, you know you want to.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Hammersmith & Fulham

Greetings folks,

What a weekend, Sunday was rather bizarre, over to Fulham on another of our now successful campaign weekends, I loved the dry cleaners - see the picture. My kind of shop :-)

The question and answer session by Brian Paddick in the Independent on Saturday was really good, it shows he is a normal person wanting to do a great job for fellow Londoners, ranging over topics including his top priorities for London, the Olympics, the shootingof Jean Charles de Menezes and his views on drugs:

The other picture is a little giggle, although Will Howells may not think so.

He sat peering over his glasses at me sat in this pose.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Greetings my posse of readers (or is that hello reader)?

Today was a tad busy, up and ready as normal to get into Cowley Street where Chris Leaman and I were training some of our good friends from Ealing, Lewisham, Hillingdon and Camden.

A friend of mine is down under at the moment and is pleased he helped to oust the Aussy PM

AJ is doing really well, although he has yet to meet his two favourite uncles, we will obviously be the favourites.

Politics - I have voted in the Liberal Democrat Leadership election - but aren't allowed to discuss.

See you next week.

Friday, 23 November 2007

About time!

Apologies - I have had computer problems and for some bizarre reason have not been able to access my blog despite wanting to.

Well, for starters baby bubble has now been born and has a name, Aaron James Watts so now instead of buying lots of generic things we can go mad for blue - any comments that I would be buying pink will be frowned upon.

As a Federal Party Employee I am not allowed to comment on the Leadership election - but my ballot paper arrived yesterday and I have voted.

Anyhow, enough for now, busy at the moment and now I know its working again, I will be back!
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