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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Labour fall to third place for first time in 22 years

A devastating ICM poll for tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph puts Labour in THIRD place behind the Liberal Democrats:

Conservatives 40% up 1
Liberal Democrats 25% up 5
Labour 22% down 6

ICM also measured opinion for the European Elections.  Compared to yesterday's Populus survey it found a much weaker standing for UKIP:

Conservatives 29% down 1
Liberal Democrats 20% up 2
Labour 17% down 7
Greens 11% up 2
UKIP 10% no change

Fantastic news for the Party.

Although all Parties are embroiled in the expenses scandal it really is showing up the old Tory Party of sleaze and Labour too.

So, bring on the 4th of June

Friday, 29 May 2009

Best advert ever

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lothian Buses

Well, up to now I've been a fan, and to be brutally honest on the whole I still am bar one of their drivers who is completely sexist.

Most drivers as they pull out of the Western Harbour terminus (termini?) will pull up to collect if they see someone running towards the terminus.

Not this driver, well, if you're male he doesn't (two mornings running and not just me) but if you're female oh he does then.

I appreciate they will use their discretion dependent on timing but this particular driver is just arrogant.

If he thinks its going to ruin my day and he's really wound me up then sorry sunshine you lost that one.

So, happy and even smiling I'm sat on the next bus because Lothian buses run a fantastic service :-)

Monday, 25 May 2009

Data security under the Labour Government

Well, today the Information Commissioner has told the NHS to improve it's data security according to the BBC website.

The information commissioner has told the NHS to improve its data security, after breaches involving the loss of thousands of personal medical records.

This is on the same day we learn the Ministry of Defence has lost data of RAF vetting records leaving people open to blackmail.

The e-mail - from an unnamed wing commander - says the data "provides excellent material for Foreign Intelligence Services and blackmailers".

How much data and records have gone missing since 1997, one argument in why we should never have ID cards because we cannot trust the Government in keeping data secure, and I am not convinced that they wouldn't lose the data they want to store on the ID cards, whereas spending that same volume of money on increasing police officer numbers across the country has multiple benefits.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Mark Lazarowicz MP and the Gurkha's

No, it is not about an MPs expenses!

Two weeks ago, I wrote to my local MP, Mark Lazarowicz about the Gurkha's.

I haven't had a reply and I suspect until the Government u-turn this week forced by Joanna Lumley and the Liberal Democrats, I wasn't going to get one.

I now suspect I will get a gloaty one, I hope not because I will argue back on this issue.

The Liberal Democrats have campaigned for five long years about this issue and finally Gordon Brown saw sense and backed down.

Those who are prepared to die for this country and it's people have a right to live here.

MPs like Mark Lazarowicz didn't care about this, he didn't sign the Parliamentary Motion and now, let us see how different he will react, I suspect like other issue I have written about, the gloat will come.

I look forward to the day Edinburgh North & Leith becomes a Liberal Democrat constituency.


Just as I assume she can no longer surprise us, another first today.

she got up as I was about to leave for work, so biscuits and then 2 visits to the litter tray, followed by more biscuits.

She then settles on the bed then I just sit and watch the sports news.

Then the miaow, and another and another each getting slightly louder.

So, up I get to go and see what's wrong (she has us both well trained) and there she is, sat by the en-suite.

So I put the light on, in she toddles to investigate the shower!

She dips her head and a toe in, comes out and then back twice more before she decides she's had enough then off to her bedroom where she miaows to go under the bed cover and me, I head off to work....

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Supporting Lib Dem Blogs

I have just been reading Stephen Glenn's blog and was inspired to join in the appeal.

I remember when Lib Dem blogs started and know the hard work Ryan, and others have put in to make it what it is today.
It's a site that not only is my blog advertised on it is also where people click through to my blog, I have finally realised that I have more than two readers, I may have ten now lol.

Anyway, I have made my donation and would urge all my Lib Dem followers to do the same, even small donations will help.

Unlike Stephen Glenn I am high up on their list as it is purely alphabetical, but anyhow please help if you can and keep this great service going.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Nick Cleggs wins at Prime Minister's Question Time

Today saw the cringeworthy experience of people sucking up to the Speaker after slaughtering him yesterday, as they say, that's politics!

The best and funniest part of today's Prime Ministers Questions though was following Nick Clegg's first question. The Speaker forgot to call Nick for his second question. So, Nick Clegg stood up nonetheless and the Speaker came out with this excellent retort: "I thought there were two questions in his first one."

Nick Clegg, to his credit, laughing said: "Touche, Mr Speaker".

One of the funnier and real moments in the House of Commons.

Shame on the National Trust for Scotland

I have just seen via Iain Smith MSP, on Facebook (up to date politician) that the National Trust for Scotland has closed down Hill of Tarvit Mansion House.

I feel like cancelling my Membership, but that doesn't affect the change needed.

I know Ming Campbell MP and Iain Smith MSP have fought the closure hard but it appears that the bloody minded management team at NTS has won - although I suspect only temporarily!

I will be writing into the NTS and hope there is soon to be a Members meeting?

Monday, 18 May 2009

The Speaker's Statement

Well, that was certainly a damp squib!

So, a meeting of all Party Leaders and a report by the Autumn.

For goodness sake Mr. Martin, Speaker, Sir get a bloody grip.

The whole country is losing has lost confidence, not just in the Parliament but in you, I was even defending you in the office today, but your performance just now means I am with everyone else.

It's time to go, pack up your bags, leave the Grace and Favour Apartment and head to the back benches, and turn off the lights on your way out.

You had an opportunity today to lead but you didn't, you had to refer to the Clerks on matters of Motions that you really, really should know about now.

Out of touch.

Why I'm fat

I've often wondered.

Is it because of the hours I work?
Is it because I don't exercise enough?
Is it because of my bad diet or sweet tooth?

Apparently not!

Its all because I'm what's known as a short sleeper.

Because I sleep less than average then I eat more so I put more weight on despite using on average 1,000 more calories per day than a long sleeper.

And its true because a scientist says so, so now I know why I'm fat!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

BNP Election Communication - supporters that don't exist

In a Democratic society as ours is the BNP are allowed to stand in elections and free to distribute their literature, via the Royal Mail in key elections as all political parties can.

A small piece of paper dropped through the letterbox the other day, the BNP Election Communication, with three photographs on with explanations on why those people are voting BNP.

But, they aren't what they seem, in fact these BNP voters/supporters don't exist!

There is a doctor and the caption says - “I’m voting BNP because I see what immigration has done to the NHS. As a Doctor I want to see an end to ‘health tourists’ and to make sure British nurses are employed and paid fairly.”

Search for this image on tineye and you’ll quickly find out that this image has been used on a number of websites and that you can buy it to use royalty free from a stock photo website. The image was taken by an American photographer probably in 2006.

And the list goes on, in fact a quick search on tineye and there they all are.

Stock photography is fine to use, and I frequently do but I don't claim they aren't what they are, I don't put words in the peoples mouths and claim they really did say that unless I know the person and we have their permission.

The BNP must be stopped on June 4th in the European Elections all over Scotland, and the UK.

Nick Clegg calls on the Commons Speaker to resign

Nick Clegg has this morning gone further than any Party Leader ever by calling on the Speaker, Michael Martin MP to resign.

Nick did this on the Andrew Marr show just this morning.

Come on Mr Martin, do the honourable thing.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 - Let's go Moscow

Well, what do you say about the 2009 Eurovision?

Firstly, well done to Graham Norton - you've done well so far, given who's shoes you're filling.

Great opening

Azerbajan are the best so far, with Iceland 2nd and Germany 3rd, Romania 4th.

Worst is France and Bosnia and Herzegovnia.

Lots of dodgy outfits, especially Armenia.

Not really keen on the Albanian Green Cross Code man in the all in one......

And how is Norway the favourite?????

Okay, Jade did good but a few bum notes there I am afraid, who was that pianist?

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Scottish Lib Dems launch their European election campaign

I know I am late with this, but as the Deputy Director of Campaigns and the Agent I am somewhat busy.......

Anyhow, it was a great launch on Tuesday at Longannet Power Station. We had a great briefing and tour round the main control room.

George Lyon, our number one candidate for the European elections on 4th June, has called for Longannet Power Station to be made a test centre for Carbon capture and storage technology.

George was joined by Tavish Scott, Alistair Carmichael MP and retiring MEP Elspeth Attwooll to launch his campaign for the European elections. The Party is wanting Scotland to become a world leader in carbon capture in conjunction with the continued pursuit of renewable energy.

George Lyon said: "Scotland has the potential to lead the world in carbon capture technology and the facilities at Longannet are ideal for it to become a centre of excellence.

"Scotland undoubtedly has a leading role to play in the development of clean renewable energy, but this must be coupled with the use new carbon capture technology. Developing nations like India and China are fueling the growth of their economies with coal. I want to ensure that Scotland is ready to take advantage of this emerging market.

"We cannot tackle climate change alone. We must work with our European neighbours and not in isolation. That is why it is vital that Scotland has a strong Liberal voice in Europe."

Tavish Scott MSP, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, added:"The European elections offer a clear choice. A strong Scottish voice working with Europe to tackle economic turmoil, climate change and cross border crime together or no change with other parties.

"A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a positive vote for change. Labour's recession, rising unemployment under the SNP and Tory isolationism means now, more than ever, we must work with Europe to make Scotland strong and safe."

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

MPs expenses and London

How stupid is the Daily Telegraph?

I've no issue whatsoever in MPs being attacked for wasting expenses, silly extravagance or for flipping but I do get annoyed when someone like Alan Reid MP gets attacked for claiming for his summer tour expenses.

A Summer Tour for those who don't know is where the MP has a large constituency and they spend around a month visiting every community in the constituency offering an advice surgery in their local area.

So I challenge Michael Beckford to come to Argyll and Bute and visit each of the far flung corners of Alans constituency and to get back home every night to Dunoon.

I will warn you now Michael, it can't be done, not when you also then have to move onto the next far flung corner early the next morning.

Have a go at the MPs wasting money and flipping - I've no issue with that whatsoever but don't attack those that are caring about their constituencies and where you don't understand the geography or travel limits!

High tides and ferry timetables are an important part of your travel documents up here!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Chelsea the mighty blues

A fantastic game yesterday where the Gunners got stuffed 4-1 (sorry Oz).

Although I'm sick of Drogba's diving - give it a rest you lightweight!

So, Chelsea are guaranteed a top a 3 finish, realistically 3rd which will please the Good Lord and Sarah Morris.

We could have done better I think but given the chopping and changing of managers we've done okay.

I don't really want Man Utd to win but they probably will, so here's looking forward to next season.

Come on the Blues!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Conservative Party to prioritise gay rights

What a load of pish, come on Cameron, you were involved in manifesto and policy production when your Conservative Party gave us Section 28, I don't recall you fighting for the Gays then.

Oh, that's right you weren't trying to get into power were you, you knew you were out of touch still and were not going to win.

Stonewall has always been a home for Labour, which is why I have cancelled my Membership (twice), they make all the promises that they are inclusive of all political parties but it is a load of rubbish and so is Cameron's rhetoric today.

I will never forget the hatred that Section 28 created and the hype that the Conservatives took part in and still do today, Conservative controlled Kent County Council wanted to introduce their own version of Section 28.

So, no the Conservatives aren't prioritising gay rights and never will, but they will (like their Scottish bedfellows the SNP) say anything just to get elected.

ID cards

I see from the news that Gordon Brown and his out of touch government are pressing ahead with their expensive and unnecessary ID cards scheme starting with airport staff (compulsory) and the good people of Manchester (optional at £60) despite public opinion being against them and the fact they don't actually stop terrorists.

Jacqui Smith, Gordon Brown and the Labour Party are always polling public opinion or on occasions even seeking the view of Parliament and then say, sod it, let's just do it anyway!

This is one of those said occasions.

And as we saw with the awful Madrid train bombings, ID cards do not stop terrorists as the bombers all had them!

So my question to Gordon and Jacqui is this; if you believe in the ID card so much why don't you make MPs have them first?

My message to you both, as I'm convinced one of your chronies will monitor the blogging airwaves is stop wasting our tax monies on things we don't need nor want and invest the money in more police on the beat, they are needed and would make a huge difference!
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