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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I'm very angry with Ken Lingstone and the Labour Party

I was called today as the Liberal Democrat Election Agent for the London Elections by a resident in Enfield about a leaflet being distributed by the Labour Party.

The leaflet, similar to our wonderful DL voting guide, shows and instructs voters to vote Livingstone with your first preference and also your second preference - this means that your second preference vote will be invalid, but the Labour leaflet forgets to mention that.

The Labour Party are obviously very desperate - my verdict, cheap and an absolute disgrace!

So, if you want a positive Mayor with serious solutions, with a proven track record fighting crime, leading large teams or just a sensible business head then give your first preference to Brian Paddick - not Ken or Boris.

Let's change London for the better, polling stations open from 7am to 10pm tomorrow.

As well as my blog, you can now follow me by twitter, see the box on the right

The final countdown!

To keep Ken Livingstone out you need to vote Brian Paddick with your first preference on the PINK ballot paper.

To keep Boris Johnson out you need to vote Brian Paddick with your first preference on the PINK ballot paper.

If you are a Conservative or Labour voter and you wish to stick to party lines then you need to vote Brian Paddick with your first preference on the PINK ballot paper and then use your second preference accordingly.

Ken has run out of ideas and Boris would be a mistake - running London isn't the same as hosting a game show, it needs someone with serious solutions for London - London needs Brian Paddick.

We also launched two new virals yesterday see what Adam Boulton of Sky thinks

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Racing cars and haircut

Spent the morning in the office preparing for the final week ahead.

Eventually leave the office to head into town for a haircut and found a road closed full of racing cars!

Bizarre I know but hey its London.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Choice FM

I accompanied Brian Paddick this morning to Choice FM - what an amazingly friendly bunch.

The two presenters of Girls Like Us were amazing, and the producer Charlie was fantastic and the rest of the team were polite and professional.

Thank you Choice FM for looking after us and making us feel welcome.

Apparently Boris didn't bother going to the studio for his interview with Choice FM and this bears a striking resemblance to The Pink Paper when Boris apparently did his interview over the phone, Brian Paddick met them face to face.

Then back to Cowley Street to do the paperwork etc including letters to the City and East London and extra deliveries of newspapers.

Its time for a change - give your first preference to Brian Paddick on Thursday.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I'm off to Scotland with Roger (the cat) miaow

Well - its now public, I'm off to pastures new, bonnie Scotland.

All those family holidays years ago are now paying us back, some point next month I leave London and its little green puppets in Livingstones pockets to Scotland.

I have a score to settle with the First Minister!

Its a promotion, from London Campaigns Officer to Deputy Director of Campaigns. I will be working with Charles Dundas, Charlie Mollison and a great group of organisers and staff.

However for the next week my focus firmly lies with Brian Paddick and the team of GLA candidates we are all working hard to get elected.

Today we launched the online shop of Brian Paddick merchandise

Go on, you know you want to!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Brian Paddick's Facebook Friday 2

The first Facebook Friday was a huge success, so the second one can only be bigger.

This coming Friday, we want every one supporting Brian Paddick to change their Facebook profile photo to one of the special Brian Paddick pictures.

So, go to Brian's Facebook page at and pick which picture you want and be ready.

I'm really proud of our 63 MPs for tackling Gordon Brown over his disgraceful behaviour doubling the 10p tax rate.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Out on the campaign trail

Brian Paddick is moving up and up as the momentum grows.

Ken Livingstone's campaign is flatlining and Boris Johnson's has gone into a bit of a freefall - as we suspected, you can't keep him quiet for long.

Yesterday Brian Paddick was out in Hammersmith and Fulham with Merlene Emerson (GLA candidate for West Central constituency), then onto Tottenham with David Schmitz (Parliamentary candidate for Tottenham) and then Kentish Town with Jo Shaw (Parliamentary candidate for Holborn and St Pancras) before returning to Westminster to do a webchat hosted by Susan Kramer MP.

This weekend sees the first batch of ballot papers hit the doormats - vote Brian Paddick - just look for the bird on the 3 ballot papers.

The way to get rid of Ken and keep Boris out is to give your first preference to BRIAN PADDICK.

Check out his awesome website at

See his Facebook page and sign up today at

Or follow his campaign by text message send- follow brianpaddick to 07624 801 423

Or even get on MySpace at.

It is time for change!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Return trip to Ealing Southall

My regular readers will know I spent last Summer in Ealing Southall, when Lib Dem Nigel Bakhai overtook the Tories and nearly won the seat from Labour.

Yesterday, I accompanied Brian Paddick along with Nick Clegg and Nigel Bakhai (now the GLA candidate for Ealing & Hillingdon) to a Temple and a Mosque.

A great reception for Brian and Nick.

Last night Brian did a recording of a BBC tv hustings that goes out tonight.

This morning Brian Paddick is up against Boris (the clown) and Ken (I've run out of ideas) again at a hustings by Reuters at Canary Wharf.

A busy schedule, especially as Brian also ran the marathon on Sunday raising nearly £2000 for The Downs Syndrome Educational Trust, The Stroke Association and The Elton John Aids Foundation - if you'd like to sponsor Brian, its not too late please go to his campaign website

I also see Ken is recruiting US internet consultants to try and catch our campaign up. We're leading the way - a great website, facebook, myspace, twitter and yesterday google video ads - another first!

Listen Londoners - its a waste of time giving Ken your first preference to keep Boris out.

Give your first preference to Brian Paddick and then your second preference to your person of choice.

In the latest poll Brian gets 54% of the second preference votes - change those to first preference and he is the new Mayor of London.

Let's just do it and kick Ken and Boris out.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Running for Mayor

Brian Paddick and Cllr Mark Morris are leading the marathon for the Lib Dems today along with 40,000 others in London this morning.

Mark is running for The Lavender Trust

Brian is running for thee charities 1. The Stroke Association: <>

2. The Down Syndrome Educational Trust: <>

3. The Elton John Aids Foundation: <>

If you can spare some time to go and cheer the runners on - please do.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Getting up at 4am

I'm sat here en route to Cowley St and its just after 5am.

Alarm goes off at 4am, didn't finish on the laptop until 11pm last night - this is the side of fighting elections the voters don't see.

Shaun Roberts finished off 3 key election pieces of literature off last night, two of which are ready for our friends at Park Communications to get on the presses - both are different for the Lib Dems.

Today I'm off to meet Brian Paddick at 7am to accompany him to LBC radio for a hustings - despite the polls we know its a three horse race - if you count the votes from the 16 council by-elections since last September its between the Lib Dems and the Tories.

Bye Ken Livingstone.

After LBC its back to the office to sort literature out and start on the next big idea.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Frustration, anger and amazing

A strange day yesterday.

I had a deadline to get perhaps a life changing opportunity sorted, which late last night I delivered. Now I have to wait and see.

Earier in the day during a heated discussion someone got extremely frustrated and put the phone down on me - I'm still frustrated as it was not necessary but hey sometimes the kettle boils.

We also had our first London PPB delivered and contrary to the rumours and rude outbursts it was delivered when we expected but due to some last minute editing it got hold up -

It is amazing, its not your normal Party Election Broadcast and we also relaunched the website yestersay

To finish the week, Brian Paddick will be running the London marathon on Sunday for three great charities - The Downs Syndrome educational Trust, the Stroke Association and the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Please sponsor him as much as you can afford or come and support him as he runs on Sunday.


Sunday, 6 April 2008

Swallows Gymnastics Club

Late yesterday afternoon Brian Paddick was on the campaign trail in Hillingdon.

We were at the Swallows Gymnastics club, which is primarily aimed at young people, there were people there of all ages and a good group of 50 athletes.

The reason Brian Paddick was there was because the Conservative run Council seemed hell bent on closing it because of some alleged old rates bill.

We really are silly sometimes, we should in this Olympic year be encouraging young people to participate in sport not trying to close the clubs down.

Let's help our young people not create obstacles!

Change starts here, change starts now, change starts with us

Brian Paddick was at an event yesterday lunchtime where I accompanied him at the Windsor Fellowship event by the Leadership Enrichment and Diversity Youth Forum.

The key objectives of the LEAD programme were to explore the diverse culture of London by designing and conducting a youth survey and then to lead and manage a community event/forum raising awareness of what youth in London have to say and promoting positive cross cultural activities.

I can only say it was amazing and extremely inspiring. It was a programme for 16-18 year olds who went on a 6 month leadership course.

They also had pledge forms asking people to become role models, I filled mine in and I've agreed to do something to help.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the Fellows and their families after the presentation, the young people their definitely have some Leaders of the future amongst them - good luck to them all.

They have a blog so you can

I also think our Party Leader, Nick Clegg MP needs to meet them and listen to their survey presentation.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Brian Paddick is on MySpace

Brian Paddick is campaigning interactively big time;

1. Website -

2. Facebook -

3. My Space - <>

4. Twitter (follow him by text) - send "follow brianpaddick" (without the quotation marks to 07624 801 423


Oh my god - John Reid kissed Margaret Thatcher!

Not a headline you'd thought you would ever read.

Not a headline I thought I'd ever write.

Went for a meeting in Portcullis House yesterday morning with Alistair Carmichael MP, we sat down with our coffee and got over the shock the woman who caused so much trouble in our country was so close.

But, worse was to come.

John Reid MP was sat at a neighbouring table having a meeting and then got up ambled over, shook her hand, leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and then sat down and proceeded to chat!

The Lib Dems always said Blair and Browns Labour Party was just the Tories in disguise, now we have the proof.

What with the Vote Green puppets in London and you get a Labour Mayor, now this, there is only one alternative.

Brian Paddick's Liberal Democrats in London - vote Brian Paddick on the Mayoral ballot paper, vote Liberal Democrats for the list and vote for your local Lib Dem candidate on the last one.

Remember when you go to the polling both - vote Lib Dem and you get Lib Dem - just look for the bird.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Quiet day at the office

As Brian Paddick's campaign continues to gather momentum I had to laugh at Harriet Harman, who I've run a campaign against. Harriet from leafy Dulwich now she feels she needs a stab vest to walk round with the Police in Peckham! What an insult.

Brian Paddick was in Peckham this weekend to chat and more importantly listen to young people at the Damilola Taylor Centre.

The other story that's wound me up today is from the MP for Dulwich who doesn't feel people should demonstrate when the Olympic torch comes to London on Sunday - so Tessa, are you happy about all the Human Rights violations in China and Tibet then?

Final flurry from me today - Brian Paddick will be the first politician to hold an interview via Twitter - a text message service.

If you want to follow Brian Paddick by text either send "follow brianpaddick" (without the quotation marks) to 07624 801 423 or visit the website

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