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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Hello world - Dartford calling

Well, I have taken more time off this Christmas than any other year and feel great, I am seeking curtain hooks today to sort out the bedroom curtains but to no avail - I went to a popular curtain shop in Dartford, showed the nice lady the hooks I need replacement ones for and she said "whats that then" I left, it really didn't seem worth explaining.

I have eaten far too much chocolate and blame each and every person who bought me chocolate, you know who you are! However, New Years Day is the big no more chocolate (yes, Mark and Will I know you will eat any spare or offerings that come in after that date) back on the diet and start my exercise properly.

I want to lose 1.5 stone by May 1st 2008, and 2.5 stone by September 1st 2008 - a challenge indeed.

Christmas was fantastic, we saw baby Aaron at Nan's on the Sunday before Xmas, he is so gorgeous, but does seem to poo rather a lot, but generally he was as good as gold. We did spoil him somewhat but hey, whats the point of a gay uncle otherwise? Just my sister to breed now then, come on John and Jenny get on with it :-)

Saw Mum too, decorated her Christmas tree, she still has decorations from before I was born! Yes, that old, and they are still amazing today.

Lots of fantastic presents again this year including shoes, bag, PSP games, chocolate, sweets, more chocolate, DVDs etc etc.

Now begins the countdown though to my 40th birthday - as my Mum says, its just another day!

Friday, 21 December 2007

My thanks to Rob Fenwick for this gem

Rob Fenwick had this posting on his blog

Meral this was ace!

Christmas fairies

We have been more organised for Christmas this year - well once in 15 years isn't bad!

The office looks fantastic although there is a humbug in the office who thinks it looks unprofessional, considering it is all fairly tasteful, I don't agree.

We have lovely twinkling lights in the window, a range of Christmas trees a small usb tree, my stunning Chelsea FC tree, a fibre optic tree and a six foot norwegian spruce, and we mustn't forget Uncle Farron who has been topped with a fairy! If people ask nicely I will explain who Uncle Farron is!

Now, everyone must remember that on 1st January the new fitness and eating regime kicks in - back to weight watchers (aka fat club), plus running and a gym.

I have two runs (at least) this year to do so need to lose weight and tone up and stop being a fatty.

Have a great Christmas to all my readers, or should that be both my readers!

Monday, 17 December 2007

Water and ice skating

Firstly, yes, we have water at home again, it was actually sad in some ways as I stood there turning a tap on, and off, on and off but you know what they say about small things.....

So, Saturday was christmas shopping and lots of washing!

Sunday was the ice skating trip at the Tower of London, and despite what some of you may hear, I did let go of the barrier (sometimes), if only to get round small stubborn children. Then off to Strada near City Hall, where the warm chocolate pudding with ice cream has to be tried, if only once!

I have now decided I am going to go public with who I am backing.........

and its Matt.

Obviously I meant Strictly Come Dancing and not the Leadership of the Liberal Democrats.

Matt has come on such a long way since week one, whereas Alesha (despite dancing with Vince Cable) has been good since day one - GO MATT!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Water - a valuable resource (especially when you don't have any)

When the water disappears you really do start to appreciate how lucky we are, whatever we may all think of the water companies and who owns them this week, we can (usually) turn a domestic tap on and hey presto water appears.

This is something we have until last Friday enjoyed at home ourselves. Now, we have lots and lots of plastic 2 litre bottles of Sainsburys Caledonian water, both full and empty. But, nothing in our taps.

Then the next problem was finding a good plumber - again, another problem, although we managed to get a good one recomended.

The next problem, is, when can they fit it into their busy schedule, so I had yesterday off, Roger took today off, now we play the waiting game.

This all puts into perspective the camel I saw in Smith Square last week - yes a real one! And on the same morning a man walking down Whitehall with a plastic life size pig on his shoulder - as you do!
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