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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Water - a valuable resource (especially when you don't have any)

When the water disappears you really do start to appreciate how lucky we are, whatever we may all think of the water companies and who owns them this week, we can (usually) turn a domestic tap on and hey presto water appears.

This is something we have until last Friday enjoyed at home ourselves. Now, we have lots and lots of plastic 2 litre bottles of Sainsburys Caledonian water, both full and empty. But, nothing in our taps.

Then the next problem was finding a good plumber - again, another problem, although we managed to get a good one recomended.

The next problem, is, when can they fit it into their busy schedule, so I had yesterday off, Roger took today off, now we play the waiting game.

This all puts into perspective the camel I saw in Smith Square last week - yes a real one! And on the same morning a man walking down Whitehall with a plastic life size pig on his shoulder - as you do!

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