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Monday, 17 December 2007

Water and ice skating

Firstly, yes, we have water at home again, it was actually sad in some ways as I stood there turning a tap on, and off, on and off but you know what they say about small things.....

So, Saturday was christmas shopping and lots of washing!

Sunday was the ice skating trip at the Tower of London, and despite what some of you may hear, I did let go of the barrier (sometimes), if only to get round small stubborn children. Then off to Strada near City Hall, where the warm chocolate pudding with ice cream has to be tried, if only once!

I have now decided I am going to go public with who I am backing.........

and its Matt.

Obviously I meant Strictly Come Dancing and not the Leadership of the Liberal Democrats.

Matt has come on such a long way since week one, whereas Alesha (despite dancing with Vince Cable) has been good since day one - GO MATT!

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