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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

ASDA needs to sort itself out

Living at Western Harbour, Edinburgh with a brand new 24 hour ASDA on the doorstep I'm restricted to shopping there unless I'm prepared to travel.

Initially I thought ASDA was great, but, once you've been with a supermarket for five to six years you know what you can or can't recycle.

The majority of the plastic packaging that ASDA uses I have to put in the bin which goes to landfill which I have a massive issue with.

Only plastics with the numbers one or two in the recycling triangle can be recycled in Edinburgh - any number lower than that, or like in ASDA's case no number at all cannot be recycled because of what its made of.

ASDA (Walmart) pull your socks up!

But, for now its back to Tesco as I know I can recycle the majority of the plastic packaging there and that's what I agree with.

In the office

I am amazed how many times the phone has rung today in Clifton Terrace. Technically we are closed, but I am using the quiet time to catch up on my planning and writing up papers ready for the New Year.

I have managed to clear over 800 emails from my inbox, a feat in itself, but they were ones that needed archiving, deleting or the attachment saving onto this laptop rather than the other one (I belong to a two laptop family).

I have written two strategy papers amongst other things, so watch out 2009 I am on the war path!

I will be leaving the office shortly, to see if I can get a pair of trainers - if I am to start 2009 the way I want then the exercise regime is a must - in town. Madness I hear you all shout, why, why why would you want to go shopping on Princes Street now? Because, I must.

I have set myself some personal goals for 2009 and I will achieve them!

Fame - again of a sort!

Iain Dale's Diary: Ten New Blogs#links

Monday, 29 December 2008

Tavish Scott on FACEBOOK

Well, I see that Tavish Scott's page on FACEBOOK is gaining fans week after week - to be fair it has only been up a few weeks.

It is another way of the Scottish Liberal Democrats reaching out to voters - given the multitude of elections facing Scottish voters in the next five years it is important that all politicians, whatever Party they represent reach out and listen to voters.

So, go and have a look at the page....

Newhaven Harbour

Two of my Xmas stocking treats were books called "Bygone Leith" by Guthrie Hutton and "Port of Leith & Granton" by Graeme Somner.

I love to read the history of where I live, so was fascinated to see that the western breakwater on which my flat now sits is only 70 years old - I know the flat is new but actually the land is relatively new on the scale of things.

The Woolworths at the "Foot of the Walk" has been there many years, certainly it was there back in 1954 (I'm sure there will be many Leithers who will recall when it first opened) so it is a real tragedy its finally closing - let's hope its one of the 123 branches to continue.

I wonder how many people assume Ferry Road is something to do with the many ports, or ferries crossing the Forth? Well, you'd be wrong, apparently it is simply an extension of Queensferry Road! You live and learn.

And now for the bizarre political link, well there's two;

Outside the Woolies was a statue of Queen Victoria (I will have to check to see if its still there) where the men'o Leith would gather to put the world to rights.

The second concerns Newhaven Harbour, which is where I live round the corner from started life as a slipway and breakwater and was then extended to a harbour, still standing today although the lighthouse now has funky coloured lights!

The Harbour was an amazing fishing harbour and very busy but not the only sales outlet apparently.

Women (I assume mainly fishermens wives) strapped creels to their backs and then travel the country selling the herring. They had a sort of uniform and this along with their street cries became familiar on their travels.

Their songs were made famous by groups such as the Newhaven Fisherwomen's Choir, formed back in 1927 as the Newhaven Liberal Club Choir to support their local candidate - this choir remained in existence for over 50 years.

What a pity its not still around today for Kevin Lang, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Edinburgh North & Leith.

I'm now searching to find which building was the Liberal Club, if anyone knows, do let me know.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Church Spire missing a church

Morning to both my readers - apologies for a long absence - quite a lot of stuff on my plate which is slowly clearing now.

While ambling to Ocean Terminal on Christmas Eve I spotted what appears to be a spire from a church, constructed of solid wooden beams and then slate tiles forming the roof covering.

I've had a look through some Leith history books and can't find anything obvious but maybe someone may know something about it so here's the picture.....

Sunday, 14 December 2008

The incompetent Royal Mail

Last week we had contacted Royal Mail to have a packet re-delivered as per the instructions on the little card that had been shoved through the door.

The delivery was due Friday - Roger waited, waited and waited - then he thought oh well, went out and bumped into the postman - nope, no parcel.

The worst part is the day the "card" was delivered we were in but they never rang the bell.

Get a grip Royal Mail.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

National Express Trains

Okay - I'm sick of this company.

The 5.30pm from Kings Cross to Edinburgh

The announcement comes over that anyone with a super return can't travel on this service (correct) and then he says anyone one on the return leg of a saver ticker also can't travel (incorrect) - however myself and a load of other commuters have now got off.

I ambled down to first class - the only place to find the staff - and was told my ticket was in fact correct and I could travel.

By now they are the blowing the whistle so I jump on, no seats available. When we get to Darlington there are seats available - hurrah - oh no - the air conditioning is on and again (like my journey down) its on blowing out freezing cold air.

Get a grip National Express.

Mayor Boris Johnson

Well Boris, some 7 months ago you won the election, I arrived back in London this week to find the underground the dirtiest I've ever seen it in all my years living and working in London!

So what have you actually done? Cut staff? Slashed budgets? Or just stopped the staff picking up the litter?

You now seem to lose Advisers more quickly than Ken Livingstone did. So, the Tory surge - well it doesn't reallt exist does it, its a myth.

When all said and done, you are out of your depth running London. David Cameron, who wrote the last Tory Manifesto, who was involved in the former out of touch Tory Government is aTory Toff connected with the past including Thatcher.

Its time for a change and the change is the Liberal Democrats! or

Monday, 8 December 2008

Credit Crunch hits National Express Trains

Here I am, sat on the train down to London Kings Cross - we left Edinburgh at 2pm - shivering! Yes, that's right, shivering.

National Express have decided that paying £158.50 (return) doesn't include heating - like the airlines, its probably extra.

Come on National Express put the heating on!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Graeme Le Saux and Facebook

Wow - what an honour.

Graeme Le Saux is a facebook friend, I know many of my readers will read this and say who?

Shame on you - he is an amzing footballer, although now a pundit but his reign at Chelsea was awesome - and he is bloody good looking too.

Now, also on Facebook is the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Tavish Scott you can see his new page here

Politics in Scotland is becoming more exciting as the four key parties are all slightly becoming different to each other, despite having policies and issues that sometimes are hard to spot the difference.

Tavish is not one for sitting still and will definitely be pushing me in my role as Deputy Director of Campaigns here in Scotland - but that is only a good thing, we are both united on our strategy and focus so 4 party politics in Scotland is going to become more fun all round.

Friday, 5 December 2008


The view from the train at Penrith station, views like this are beautiful and make me want to jump off the train and go and look round.

Today I can't do that but I would like to come back and walk round.

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