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Monday, 22 October 2007

What a Barking weekend

Most of my Friday was spent preparing and printing the leaflets ready for the Barking campaign weekend. Barking has a Labour run council, and 12 BNP opposition Councillors. So, Saturday morning bright and early armed with the Post Office leaflets I set off for Cowley Street to finish off the printing and bundling.

The first job when I arrived in Cowley Street, was to make the policeman outside a cup of tea! Then a coffee for me. I got everything ready and then at 10am set off for Upney Station to meet the volunteers. Eastbury ward is a nice shape, served by three tube stations (Barking, Upney and Becontree) is well connected transport wise and houses an absolute gem, Eastbury Manor House right in the middle of the ward.

Over half of Eastbury ward was delivered with a residents survey and the remainder with a Save Our Post Offices leaflet.

We had a good turnout of volunteers over the weekend, my sincere thanks to all of those who came out in the cold - although it did warm up nicely.

I also discovered the East London line this weekend, a hidden treasure but for me a star, it sliced an hour each way off my travel time from Dartford to Upney.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Leaves on the line.....

Was a bit late leaving home this morning so missed my normal 7.51am train so went for the 8.13am armed with my coffee, danish and metro, just to find hundreds of people on Dartford station because of delays and cancellations.

Why on earth can Southeastern trains not get to grips with London Bridge station, I am absolutely fed up when I turn up at Charing Cross each morning to hear "we apologise to passengers arriving at platform one this morning, the delay was caused by congestion at London Bridge" what a load of twaddle, you plan the timetable........

Then leaves on the line got blamed, who was right, who was wrong?

I took a nice but bizarre photo two weeks ago of crocuses blooming in St James Park, see above. It's true, climate change has to be tackled!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Ming moves on and now the selection starts

It has been interesting to see the newspapers and hear the news today distancing themselves from the former Leaders age - not us' guv.

The interesting thing in last nights London Lite was that some Labour strongholds were described as amongst some of the worst places to live. And a review of how the Tories have had to give £8million back!

Then this afternoon I was asked to be the guest speaker at Hammersmith & Fulhams AGM next month, very nice to be asked, I am looking forward to it.

A busy weekend coming up in Barking & Dagenham - see you there?

Cute baby shoes as promised

Here are the shoes for baby bubble, Xmas is going to be dressing up time year after year.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Bermondsey, Barking and a little bubble

Today is off to Bermondsey to meet our new Organiser there, and chat through the key priorities for now through to the General Election - we are all agreed and work starts here. The office is part of St. Anne's Church in Thorburn Square, where they were filming yesterday for The Bill.

Then off to Barking to Eastbury ward for a good walk round.

Homeward bound and a little time for some baby shopping, Rogers Sister is due to have bubble very soon so off to Mothercare where I picked up some lovely shoes, picture to follow :-)

Then Boots where I used up my points off the old advantage card and bought 400 nappy bags and then Sainsburys for some odds and sods, home at a reasonable hour ie still daylight (just) played with Zennor (see picture) for a while then washed up and watched Deal or No Deal in between sink fulls while waiting for Rog to get home, nice evening in front of TV.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The training still goes on

Last night we did a DTP training session, originally for the election but now instead for next years election. We had people from all across London including Hackney, Putney, Greenwich, Westminster and Brent.

Tonight is part two of the training and much more is planned.

May 2008 is going to be a good time for the Lib Dems.

Monday, 8 October 2007

I cannot stop laughing - well done Will

Well done to Will Howells, this film is awesome.

If you are having a down day, then watch and laugh.

Must do better - cheers Gordon

Well, as most of you know I didn't end up doing the Great North Run 2007, and have deferred to next year - because from just before conference to last week I was much busier dealing with a potential general election etc that my training was non existent.

So, now I need to get back into shape, stay focussed on weightwatchers and get ready properly.

This weekend has been slightly bizarre and the atmosphere today at work is weird by any stretch of the imagination.

I have been calling suppliers today to see how and why things have changed but then I remembered the occasion when I went to see a supplier earlier in the year (see the picture on the right!), I suspect it will be the nearest I come to seeing my name up in lights.
I have also decided now to blog a little more often rather than just my running so get ready for more......
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