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Monday, 22 October 2007

What a Barking weekend

Most of my Friday was spent preparing and printing the leaflets ready for the Barking campaign weekend. Barking has a Labour run council, and 12 BNP opposition Councillors. So, Saturday morning bright and early armed with the Post Office leaflets I set off for Cowley Street to finish off the printing and bundling.

The first job when I arrived in Cowley Street, was to make the policeman outside a cup of tea! Then a coffee for me. I got everything ready and then at 10am set off for Upney Station to meet the volunteers. Eastbury ward is a nice shape, served by three tube stations (Barking, Upney and Becontree) is well connected transport wise and houses an absolute gem, Eastbury Manor House right in the middle of the ward.

Over half of Eastbury ward was delivered with a residents survey and the remainder with a Save Our Post Offices leaflet.

We had a good turnout of volunteers over the weekend, my sincere thanks to all of those who came out in the cold - although it did warm up nicely.

I also discovered the East London line this weekend, a hidden treasure but for me a star, it sliced an hour each way off my travel time from Dartford to Upney.

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