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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

42 days to go.......

First a Happy New Year to both my blog readers, lets hope this year my readership grows.

Yes, it is just 42 days to go or P-42, until I am no longer 39 - enough said, not enough therapy as yet.

Brian Paddick has had another great interview read or listen here. Ken, you have a fight on your hands this time, okay not between you and the Conservatives this time but in fact from the Liberal Democrats. Boris will trip up, he always does, and to be hoest shouldn't he be busy anyway as the MP for Henley, a full time job if being done properly - I should know, I have workrd for three extremely hard working MPs, Vince Cable, Simon Hughes and Lynne Featherstone.

So, on May 1st Londoners will have a choice of people for Mayor, Brian Paddick, who is serious about London and Londoners or Ken who has had 8 years of tax rises and the largest number of spin doctors - including more than Downing Street itself - what an achievement Ken!
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