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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

In the office

I am amazed how many times the phone has rung today in Clifton Terrace. Technically we are closed, but I am using the quiet time to catch up on my planning and writing up papers ready for the New Year.

I have managed to clear over 800 emails from my inbox, a feat in itself, but they were ones that needed archiving, deleting or the attachment saving onto this laptop rather than the other one (I belong to a two laptop family).

I have written two strategy papers amongst other things, so watch out 2009 I am on the war path!

I will be leaving the office shortly, to see if I can get a pair of trainers - if I am to start 2009 the way I want then the exercise regime is a must - in town. Madness I hear you all shout, why, why why would you want to go shopping on Princes Street now? Because, I must.

I have set myself some personal goals for 2009 and I will achieve them!

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Stephen Glenn said...

I take it you'll be heading up to Run and Become for the trainers then rather than to Princess Street. I need to get myself a new pair as well for training for the West Lothian half Marathon to commence.

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