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Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas fairies

We have been more organised for Christmas this year - well once in 15 years isn't bad!

The office looks fantastic although there is a humbug in the office who thinks it looks unprofessional, considering it is all fairly tasteful, I don't agree.

We have lovely twinkling lights in the window, a range of Christmas trees a small usb tree, my stunning Chelsea FC tree, a fibre optic tree and a six foot norwegian spruce, and we mustn't forget Uncle Farron who has been topped with a fairy! If people ask nicely I will explain who Uncle Farron is!

Now, everyone must remember that on 1st January the new fitness and eating regime kicks in - back to weight watchers (aka fat club), plus running and a gym.

I have two runs (at least) this year to do so need to lose weight and tone up and stop being a fatty.

Have a great Christmas to all my readers, or should that be both my readers!

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