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Wednesday 13 May 2009

MPs expenses and London

How stupid is the Daily Telegraph?

I've no issue whatsoever in MPs being attacked for wasting expenses, silly extravagance or for flipping but I do get annoyed when someone like Alan Reid MP gets attacked for claiming for his summer tour expenses.

A Summer Tour for those who don't know is where the MP has a large constituency and they spend around a month visiting every community in the constituency offering an advice surgery in their local area.

So I challenge Michael Beckford to come to Argyll and Bute and visit each of the far flung corners of Alans constituency and to get back home every night to Dunoon.

I will warn you now Michael, it can't be done, not when you also then have to move onto the next far flung corner early the next morning.

Have a go at the MPs wasting money and flipping - I've no issue with that whatsoever but don't attack those that are caring about their constituencies and where you don't understand the geography or travel limits!

High tides and ferry timetables are an important part of your travel documents up here!

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