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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Baby's details on National DNA database

I am currently at Selby Fork, and yesterday evening got a Lib Dem press release from our UK HQ on my Blackberry that just silenced me!

This was the title - Baby DNA on database illegal, immoral and ineffective - Huhne

I leaned over to show my colleague who was also momentarily stunned into silence and then asked me to forward it.

The fact that the DNA of a baby under one year old has been stored on the police national database, is utterly scandalous and Jacqui Smith MP should be ashamed of herself and the Police.

You can read below what our UK Home Affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne said.

I am just shocked that a baby, not even a year old has had their DNA entered, come on where the hell is the point of that? This Labour Government is out of touch, the Conservatives would be no better; it is time for real change in the UK and I genuinely believe with Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, Tavish Scott and Kirsty Williams we have the team.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Chris Huhne said:"It is illegal, immoral and ineffective to keep the DNA of a baby on a national police database as if they had committed some felony. The sooner the Home Secretary implements the European Court's ruling that our DNA database contravenes the right to privacy, the better.

"It is ludicrous to be randomly adding DNA samples from individuals who can represent no conceivable criminal threat when there are 2.3 million convicted criminals whose DNA is not on the database because it began after their trials were completed.

"Since the DNA database began, nearly 1.1 million children have had their DNA stored without their permission. Children have become the soft target of a random DNA policy."

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