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Friday, 27 March 2009

Scotrail - thieving people!

I've had to be politer than I want to be!

The 4.30pm train from Glasgow Queen Street was cancelled, after we had already settled down, coats off and ipods on.

No reason given - just "this train is cancelled".

So we all pile off the train and all head from platform 2 to platform 6 to get the 4.45pm - I refuse to get on a train like a cattletruck so waited for the 5pm.

I've just had a big argument with the guard who insisted that now I'm on a peak train I have to pay a further £8.80.

I'm sorry but what an outrage! It wasn't my fault that your company cancelled a train but no, I should have squeezed onto the other train apparently.

So, just to warn Scotrails customer services - I WILL be contacting you for the £8.80 back.

Robin Hood is alive and well - robbing the commuters in Glasgow!

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