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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

SNP forestry plans

Well, another week and another SNP u-turn. However, I'm happy with this one.

This time wee eck's party has given up on their plans to privatise 25% of Scotland's forests.

This is one thing I have felt very passionately about. I've holidayed in the Highlands & Islands since I was a wee lad.

I remember many beautiful places such as Sheigra, Ullapool, Kinlochbervie and then Ardgay where my Mum went on to live for many years.

I remember driving through miles of forests and the thought that the SNP planned to sell off a quarter of the forests to developers was just madness!

The SNP have caved in to the pressure of a major campaign led by many environmental organisations, the Forestry Commission Union and the Scottish Liberal Democrats - we alone had 8,000 signatures on a petition!

Let's hope that now this ridiculous policy has been kicked into the long grass, that's where it stays?

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