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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Scottish Lib Dem conference at Perth

I am sat here on Saturday evening while the Euro campaign fundraising dinner is taking place, where new Federal Party President, Ros Scott is the guest speaker and Ross Finnie MSP is the Master of Ceremonies.

During the course of today, yesterday and also tomorrow we have run a whole host of training modules and briefings for local party officers and we have had a great response.

I attended the Liberal Youth quiz last night with three quiz masters, Alistair Carmichael MP, top candidate Katy Gordon and Hugh O'Donnell MSP - a great night was had by all and the ballroom at The Royal George Hotel was throbbing.

The Liberal Youth group in Scotland led by Tom Maidwell are fantastic and really do deserve our full support here across Scotland. They have groups here at Perth this weekend from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, St. Andrews and Glasgow plus others.

This conference has been amazing but I only made it into the hall once and that was this evening for a fringe event by SAMH on mental health issues.

Tomorrow, I will be able to actually venture into the main hall again to watch a debate. Chris Rennard, Hilary Stephenson plus other senior Lib Dems have been here this weekend and of course, covering for Nick Clegg on paternity leave was my former boss and Deputy Federal Leader Vince Cable.

Vince, as always has been fantastic and the Scottish media have been running after Vince all weekend - Vince thank you for coming up (again) and I know you are back up here next month helping out as always.

I will do a final summation tomorrow but a fantastic weekend!

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Kieran Leach said...

You'll be glad to know that LYS is out to ensure that any questions I write next year are somewhat less evil.

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