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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Zennor - expect the unexpected!

Zennor - our cat, not the village in Cornwall, although that's where she got her name - is now 17 and her eyesight is getting worse.

So, three moves in four months was not the best, although we seemed to worry abou that far more than she did/does.

Anyhow she's settled now, she has a great life, eats and sleeps whenever she wants. She wakes up between 3am and 4am each day and therefore wakes me up, although I'm used to it now and just get on with work.

If there's a box in the flat, that becomes Zennor's property and new bed and strangely she adopted my chair I use for my desk - and then the other day randomly Roger got up and there she was on the desk.

Lo and behold today she did it again and here she is inspecting the plants!

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