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Friday, 20 March 2009

The European Elections

On June 4th, the United Kingdom and all other European Countries will be voting to decide who their MEPs should be for the next five years.

Here in Scotland, we currently have 7 MEPs, but that will be trimmed to just 6 this time round.

I am sure, like any elected official some people could not name their MEPs, however I have been pleasantly surprised how well known our Liberal Democrats MEP, Elspeth Attwooll actually is. I suspect it is because she works hard and also visits so many parts of Scotland working hard on people's behalf, so thank you Elspeth for ten years of pure hard work and dedication. Elspeth is standing down this time and will hopefully be passing on the baton to George Lyon.

It is vital we get people registered and that people have the right to vote and make their voice heard, there is a fantastic website - about my vote - which you can visit here.

Please make sure you have a vote in these important elections, whatever your political views, or your personal views about Europe it is equally important you take the time to vote on June 4th.

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