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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Who the hell does Jacqui Smith MP think she is?

I haven't blogged lately, partly because of a lack of time and partly because other things on my mind.

But, Jacqui Smith MP and her fellow cronies can keep her nose out of my Facebook messages - she hasn't asked to be one of my Facebook friends and until she does she can keep out of my affairs.

I post messages that I think my Friends and colleagues might find amusing, I will send them messages of smut, innuendo and useless questions but I certainly do not give the government permission to read them.

I think Jacqui Smith MP has more important things she should be attending to rather than worrying about what I'm writing on Facebook or any other social network site I might happen to be on or not as the case might be!

My message to Jacqui Smith MP;

Dear Jacqui and Gordon,

You are both massively out of touch with the people you allegedly claim you represent.

We do not want ID cards, we do not want CCTV on every street corner watching our every move, we do not want google snooping on our emails on your behalf, we don't want MPs fiddling expenses, we don't want you snooping through our Facebook messages.

However, what we do want is a Government that will pit extra police on our streets fighting crime, we do want a government that will cut down on red tape, we do want a government with the conviction to scrap the unfair and unjust council tax.

We need a Government to govern and lead not snoop and create crisis after crisis.

Jacqui Smith MP - you are the weakest link - goodbye!

1 comment:

Caron said...

Just wondering whether you would clarify what you would do if you did get a friend request from Jacqui Smith. Would you accept?:-).

I wouldn't.

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